Self Adhesive Labels

Self Adhesive Labels

IdenPro’s superior quality Self-Adhesive Blank Labels and Patient Admission Chart Labels

Through our years of experience, we know perfectly the requirements of self-adhesive labels. IdenPro offers quality direct thermal and thermal transfer printable self-adhesive labels that use the most suitable type of adhesives which provide better adhesion or ease of removal. We also produce laser printable patient admission labels that help enhance patient admission systems.

IdenPro develops labelling solutions in accordance with industrial standards. The printing on blank adhesive labels involves an important choice of the right materials to warranty the readability of the printed labels and the durability of the printhead. With the best in class compatible printers, IdenPro offers the best quality labels for optimal results.

Self-Adhesive Blank Labels on Rolls

IdenPro supplies self-adhesive blank labels on rolls for products as well as logistic purposes. We have a wide range of different materials to print on and offer them with different types of adhesive which provide better adhesion or ease of removal. We can supply the labels on different core diameters. The outside diameter is always adapted to the maximum size the printer allows.

Fan Folded Self Adhesive Blank Labels

Upon request, labels can also be delivered as Fan Folded Labels instead of rolls of labels. These offer a higher capacity because the stock of labels to print is stored externally from the printer and avoids roll changes. After printing the labels tend to bend in the same way, so they are easier to handle, separate and distribute. These labels have perforations separating them and also facilitates easy tear and application. The perforation interval however can be defined.

Patient Admission Labels

The patient admission process is expected to be quick and efficient at the same time. These labels help you achieve that, they can be easily printed on any compatible laser printer straight from your hospital admission system. These A4 size sheets are have perfectly divided straight cut lines to ensure problem free printing, removal and application. IdenPro uses materials of the best grade to maintain consistency in its quality. These laser printable sheets provide invaluable assistance in streamlining the hospital admission process.

For more details please drop us an inquiry or us call at +32 470 311 907 and we will be glad to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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