TamperProof UHF / NFC labels – Counterfeit prevention & Brand protection

TamperProof UHF / NFC labels – Counterfeit prevention & Brand protection

IdenPro's ideal solution to protect your brand & help prevent counterfeiting. These non-transferrable Tamper-Proof UHF & NFC labels self-destruct on any attempt of removal.

Whether its fake automotive parts, counterfeit medicines, adulterated liquor or fake jewellery, standard UHF or NFC labels are not secure enough as they can be transferred easily without getting damaged.

To overcome this issue, IdenPro has introduced unique Tamper-proof UHF & NFC labels that ensure that the labels self-destruct on any removal attempt, thereby making them in-transferable. We offer tamper-proof RFID label solutions for Pharmaceutical, Liquor & Tobacco, Jewellery, Automotive and Retail industries and are well equipped to offer custom made label solutions for your applications.

The different types of RFID Labels we offer

  • NFC Jewellery label
  • UHF Jewellery label
  • NFC Cosmetic Bottle Seal

For more details please drop us an inquiry or us call at +32 470 311 907 and we will be glad to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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