About IdenPro

IdenPro facilitates Positive Patient Identification, Prevents counterfeiting & empowers brands, Enables accurate sports timing and smooth functioning of Car Parking facilities.

IdenPro has partnered with some of the best names in the industry to supply world class & high performing wristbands, labels, tags & related accessories for Healthcare, Anti-counterfeiting & Brand protection, Sporting & Car parking industries.

Our expertise is in understanding product technicalities and complex customer requirements, provide consultative support and recommending the best-suited product solution from our portfolio or alternatively by developing a new product from scratch.

Customer Focus

IdenPro is highly customer driven. We focus not just on providing a high quality & functional product but complement this with fast delivery lead times. We view ourselves as a strategic partner, focused on achieving excellence in all aspects of our business.


The key ingredients for producing high quality and functional products require the use of quality raw materials, sophisticated production techniques, backed by R&D driven designing. Attention to detail in carefully selecting the materials used, the types of adhesives, intelligent product designing and developing products around its actual users, are all attributes of products offered by IdenPro.

Quality & Competitiveness

IdenPro is extremely critical about offering only quality products. But what would be the point if high quality came at high prices. At IdenPro, we understand the need to be competitive, to be able to benefit society at large, which is why we pledge to be competitive. This allows for mass adoption of quality products and enabling deployment where otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. This helps us immensely in achieving our Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Our Vision & Strategy

IdenPro’s vision is to achieve excellence across all its activities by supplying specialist & niche labels, tags & tickets, which offer distinct advantages and add value in their respective areas of use.

IdenPro boasts a combination of specialist & niche tickets, tags & labels and design & RF expertise, knowledge of materials & processes. Our high performing products paralleled with best-in-class service levels, is a key competitive differentiator.

Our competence in product design & processes provides for the basis of our success.

IdenPro Vision & Strategy
IdenPro’s Sustainable Environment policy

IdenPro’s Sustainable Environment policy

  • Partner with ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001 certified companies
  • Use recyclable & biodegradable materials where appropriate.
  • Use RoHS and REACH compliant materials
  • Invest in Employee training & development for achieving efficiencies.
  • Reduce – Reuse – Recycle
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